Inclusive College Programs in MO

Offering post-secondary options for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD)

Choose from one of Missouri's three inclusive college programs.

Students with IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) can learn how to navigate the adult world by first practicing in the world of college. They have the time to master important social, academic, independent living, and workforce skills in a safe but challenging environment. There are three different inclusive college programs in Missouri. Learn more about each program below.

Missouri State University

Bear Power
901 South National Avenue 
Springfield, MO 65897

Missouri State Bear POWER (Promoting Opportunities for Work, Education and Resilience) is an inclusive college program for students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Bear POWER is a five-semester residential program that provides the opportunity for students to continue their education beyond high school. Accepted students start in January of each year. All students choose an area of concentration they wish to study and attend inclusive classes alongside their peers, but with modified academic coursework. Missouri State student volunteers are program Ambassadors who provide support and integration to Bear POWER students within academic and social settings. A variety of internship-based experiences are included within the Bear POWER program. When students complete the program, they earn a certificate and walk in the graduation ceremony with their peers.

University of Missouri – St. Louis

1 University Blvd., 113 Lucas Hall
St. Louis, MO 63121

Inclusive opportunities in academic, social, residential, and vocational settings are part of SUCCEED, a college program for students with IDD at the University of Missouri- St. Louis (UMSL). Participants engage in ongoing person-centered planning, receive individualized supports and services for academic and social inclusion, and participate in academic, vocational, and social enrichment experiences key to gainful employment and independent living in the community after graduation. Program outcomes focus on independent living and self-advocacy skills, self-determination, community engagement, and social skill development. When students complete the SUCCEED program, they receive a Chancellor’s Certificate during UMSL’s spring Commencement. After graduating, SUCCEED participants either matriculate into a degree program or move into competitive employment.

University of Central Missouri - THRIVE

University of Central Missouri

THRIVE Program
Lovinger 1270, 520 S. Maguire
Warrensburg, MO 64093-5187

The THRIVE Program provides a two-year residential college experience for young adults with intellectual, cognitive, and developmental disabilities, which build skills for transitioning from home to independence. THRIVE is a certificate program (not an accredited college degree program). Graduating students will receive a Certificate of Success with their personal portfolio. Because the curriculum program will be tailored to the individual skills and needs of these students, some may go on to earn a degree with the proper supports.